Support of Japan Cabinet under Kishida declines to a new low

Support of Japan Cabinet under Kishida declines to a new low

Noriko Watanabe and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The Cabinet serving under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reached a new low since he took office late last year. Hence, with the approval rate declining from 63.2 to 51 percent within a short period, it is a sign that his “do nothing approach” during the ongoing new wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) infections is partly to blame.

Kishida’s quick decision to hold a state funeral for the recently murdered Shinzo Abe (former leader of Japan) is also divisive. Especially with so many members of the Liberal Democratic Party – and other political parties – having various ties to the Moonies (Unification Church).

Lee Jay Walker says, “A slight majority of people questioned in the survey oppose a state funeral for the former leader Abe. This figure is high concerning the links of the Moonies with other members of the Abe family that go back to different generations – along with the high number of politicians with various links to this strange cult. These links are often minor with several politicians. However, with so many nationals in Japan paying huge sums to the Moonies, it highlights aloofness at best – to blatant misjudgment.”

The disapproval rate of Kishida also increased according to the weekend survey taken by phone. Hence, just a tad below 30 percent deems his tenure negatively. This is an increase of 7.1 percent from a few weeks ago.

The increasing price of foodstuffs and energy is also another negative for Kishida. Thus over 60 percent believe his measures to counter the various increases are insufficient. Therefore, the slump of Kishida’s Cabinet concerns various factors – with the recent jump in coronavirus cases being an important factor.

Kishida’s internal aloofness to bread and butter issues is abundantly clear. Hence, he seems more at home during his endless international trips or online conferences.

After all, Kishida comes from a wealthy traditional elite family within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Therefore, he knows little about the real wealth decline of vast numbers of people in the last three decades.

The survey highlighted by Kyodo News was limited but in line with past surveys. Hence, the limited survey provides a glimpse into the wider picture.


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