Pfizer jab in Japan: One in 4900 with acute allergic reactions after Covid-19 jab

Pfizer jab in Japan: One in 4,900 with acute allergic reactions after Covid-19 jab

Sawako Uchida and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The Health Ministry of Japan will discuss early results concerning the Pfizer vaccine jab. This is based on more cases of anaphylaxis reactions among health care workers being announced. Thus the current rate is 1 acute allergic reaction per every 4,900 health care workers who have taken the Pfizer coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine.

In similar cases in America and the United Kingdom, the figure is much lower than in Japan. Therefore, while no serious cases have emerged that led to hospitalization or death, it is a worrying early trend.

After all, if this is replicated in wider society when vulnerable groups take the Pfizer vaccine, this could result in more dire consequences. Of course, all vaccination programs have risks attached.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “Yet with little knowledge of the longevity of each vaccination, the long-term side effects with trials being limited in timescale based on the emergency angle, or if vaccines will work against other stronger coronavirus (Covid-19) variants – then monitoring is needed.”

NHK reports, “A total of 180,741 healthcare workers had been vaccinated as of 5 p.m. on Thursday in Japan. Among them, 37 anaphylaxis cases have been reported. That’s about one in 4,900.”

Other vaccines on the market, including Sputnik V, appear milder based on a more traditional approach. This isn’t meant to undermine the Pfizer jab – or others. Therefore, with trials not applying to the usual longevity of all current vaccination programs because of the emergency angle, the Health Ministry must discuss the coronavirus vaccine with health experts.

Acute allergic reactions after taking the Pfizer jab concerns strong headaches, hives, nausea, and others.


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