Tokyo tourism: Buddhism in ultra-modern Tokyo

Tokyo tourism: Buddhism in ultra-modern Tokyo

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The faiths of Buddhism and Shintoism dot the Japanese landscape. Meanwhile, the impact of Confucianism and Taoism can be felt – and other ideas that have guided this nation throughout its history. Therefore, when visiting Tokyo, the spiritual dimension is extremely refreshing.

Various schools of Buddhism exist and this can also be felt strongly in Tokyo. Schools of Buddhism include Jodu-shu, Jodo-Shinshu, Nichiren, Rinzai, Shingon, Soto, Tendai, and many others. Hence, “New Buddhism” (Shin Bukkyo) and “Old Buddhism” (Kyu Bukkyo) divided the older Nara period from the Kamakura period. Similarly, new ideas and differences have emerged in recent times like all major faiths throughout the world.

Thus, irrespective of which part of Tokyo you are exploring and staying in, Buddhism and the richness of many temples are only a short distance away. Therefore, the spiritual dimension equally awakens the cultural and historical angle.

At the same time, the more historical and cultural Buddhist temples will open up lovely architecture. Also, the intricate nature of utilizing connectivity, nature, space, spirituality, and other angles is a pleasure to behold.

Overall, tourists and Tokyoites are enriched by the Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines that dot the landscape of Tokyo. Thus these countless hidden gems open-up other angles to Tokyo. For example, the artistic and cultural angle, finding small eateries, coffee shops, and specialist shops providing Japanese porcelain and other goods. Similarly, some compounds link lovely gardens. Therefore, the Buddhist angle is a great way to replenish the soul, enhance your tourist experience, and find the many hidden gems that exist in Tokyo.


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