Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan should be upfront to President Donald Trump

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan should be upfront to President Donald Trump

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan should be upfront towards President Donald Trump of America during their current meeting in America. This noticeably applies to the Korean Peninsula because Japan is being sidelined by the Trump administration. Hence, with Japan owning enormous holdings of America’s debt, and holding other aces, then the “compliant and quietist relationship” needs to end.

Indeed, Japan is being held back by its lack of independence apart from certain areas like Japan’s more independent approach towards the Russian Federation. Yet, with certain statements by Trump threatening war with North Korea – then being open to meeting the leader of this nation – then mass confusion abounds. Therefore, Japan needs to be consulted openly and not based on being an afterthought because the stakes are too high for ordinary Japanese nationals.

In this light, it is galling to see Abe praising Trump over North Korea because the leader of Japan is known to support a more hardline approach. At the same time, Japan should defend itself in relation to threatened trade tariffs by the Trump administration. Similarly, Japan should adopt a more independent foreign policy towards China, while trying to build stronger fences with the Russian Federation.

Equally, the chaotic nature of the Trump administration should alarm Japan because individuals are being sacked at the drop of the hat – and this even applies to Trump sacking powerful people via twitter. Hence, it is nigh impossible to understand the policy objectives of America apart from knowing that uncertainty abounds.

Some positive signs are beginning to emerge in Japan. For example, Modern Tokyo Times alluded recently, “Aspects of the President Donald Trump administration in America seriously worry elements of the Japanese bureaucracy. Indeed, it is difficult to say the “Trump administration,since the current leader of America sacks people by twitter or other shoddy means. Hence, it is heartening to see Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not abiding by the anti-Russian Federation narrative of America and the United Kingdom respectively. Equally, the timing of economic talks between China and Japan, shortly before Abe meets Trump, is extremely interesting.” 

The BBC reports, “On trade, Mr Abe wants exemptions from Mr Trump’s recent steel and aluminium tariffs but President Trump is unhappy with Japanese trade practices and is expected to press for concessions.”

Despite certain signs of growing Japanese independence, it seems that Abe can’t help himself by being over gracious towards Trump. Abe said, on hearing about more development between America and North Korea, that Trump had shown enormous “courage” to possibly meet the leader of North Korea. However, with Trump acknowledging to Abe that America and North Korea “…have had direct talks at… extremely high levels.” Then it would have been more appropriate for Abe to show some disquiet given the geopolitical reality of the Korean Peninsula for Japan.

Overall, it isn’t good enough for Abe and Trump to play golf and for the leader of Japan to be waiting for the beckon call of the leader of America. Likewise, if Japan wasn’t openly consulted and informed about developments between America and North Korea, then how can Japan trust America and deem to be equal? Therefore, it is high time for Abe to express disquiet and to inform Trump that he opposes the open dealings of the Trump administration towards North Korea based on being sidelined.

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