Rallies in Hong Kong after Five Booksellers Disappear into China’s One Party Thin Air

Rallies in Hong Kong after Five Booksellers Disappear into China’s One Party Thin Air

Shuchun Zhang, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Rallies in Hong Kong occurred against the government of China based on the disappearance of five booksellers. The political nature is abundantly obvious because all individuals work at the same store. Therefore, with this bookstore being known for selling books that are critical of the central government of China, then clearly individuals in Hong Kong fear the erosion of freedom.

Hong Kong should be governed by the principle of “one country, two systems.” This alludes to special autonomy for Hong Kong after the United Kingdom handed back this territory to China.

The Guardian reports: The disappearances, and China’s silence, have stoked concerns that they were abducted by mainland agents in shadowy tactics that erode the “one-country, two-systems” formula under which Hong Kong has been governed since its 1997 return to China.”

Protestors against the disappearance of five booksellers chanted angrily against China. Raised voices declared “say no to political kidnapping.” This clearly refers to political infringements by China against the political freedoms that belong to the people of Hong Kong.

The BBC reports “The latest to vanish has been Lee Bo, who disappeared late last year and was last seen in Hong Kong…. Pro-democracy politicians and activists believe he was kidnapped and taken to the mainland.”

It remains to be seen how strongly the United Kingdom will view events. After all, just like cordial relations with Saudi Arabia despite the oppressive nature of this nation, then economic issues often outweigh democracy. On top of this, it is known that political elites in London hope to attract major Chinese capital that will transform the City of London. Therefore, the democratic rights of the people of Hong Kong will likely be ignored internationally, outside a few nations like America and Japan that may use the latest episode for domestic consumption.

Sadly, for the people of Hong Kong it seems that political elites in Beijing are intent on gradually strangling the autonomy that was promised.




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