Russian Federation, Syria and Centralization: Gulf and NATO States must Refrain from Interference

Russian Federation, Syria and Centralization: Gulf and NATO States must Refrain from Interference

Murad Makhmudov, Toshiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Russian Federation must utilize all respective forces in order to turn the tide against NATO and Gulf sponsoring terrorist states. It is no secret that NATO Turkey is the main terrorist and Takfiri conduit in the world whereby international jihadists enter secular Syria. Similarly, it is no secret that Qatar and Saudi Arabia support various sectarian terrorist forces against the government of Syria. Likewise, the war in Libya witnessed the agenda of Gulf and NATO powers that worked closely with the remnants of Libyan al-Qaeda forces and other terrorist groups. Therefore, it is essential that a new dynamic in the Middle East be created by the Russian Federation that is based on supporting central forces.

It is shameful that nations like America, France, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom keep on insisting on a Syria that bypasses President Bashar al-Assad and the government of this nation. In other words, the above nations will continue to support various terrorist sectarian groups – even in the knowledge that this will destabilize Iraq much further – against the people of Syria. This stance belies any logic whatsoever given the aftermath of Gulf and NATO intrigues against Afghanistan (Pakistan also involved in destabilizing Afghanistan), Iraq and Libya.

Indeed, not only is Iraq being further destabilized by Gulf and NATO intrigues against Syria but also similarly you now have an enormous migration problem in Europe that is based on these brutal destabilization policies. After all, vast numbers of migrants are leaving Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya and Syria – not to mention Libya being a main route for migrants from countless nations. Therefore, it is imperative that nations like the Russian Federation and Iran support central forces against the intrigues of Gulf and NATO powers.

Since the Russian Federation began bombing ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and al-Nusra – and other sectarian terrorist forces – it is abundantly clear that America and various allies have been involved in a phony war against ISIS. In other words, not only did ISIS grow in power and territory since the American led bombing campaign, but equally alarming it is clear that ISIS was being hemmed in and guided towards Syrian government held areas, on the auspices of major players like America and Turkey. However, true to these intrigues the crisis in Kurdish held Kobane (Kobani) witnessed a split between America and Turkey based on MIT intrigues against the Kurds.

In other words, the various proxy sectarian terrorist groups are highlighting the utter barbarity of Gulf and NATO powers that seek to impose their respective agendas against the people of Syria. Not surprisingly, various sectarian terrorist groups are also slitting the throats of each other while still cleansing various Christian and Muslim minority groups. At the same time, loyal Sunni Muslims that support the Syrian government are butchered for being deemed apostates.

The mass cynicism of Gulf and NATO powers directed towards Syria is clear for the world to see because everybody knows what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Indeed, Gulf and NATO powers blissfully – or without a care – undermined Iraq once more based on destabilizing Syria. Therefore, these nations know what will become of Syria if the government collapses. Equally, these nation states know that ISIS and al-Qaeda will then create major training camps in order to create new chaos in Lebanon and the Caucasus region. However, despite this knowledge – or because of this knowledge – the same powers decided to help in the cleansing of religious minorities including the Alawite Muslims and Christians in Syria. Similarly, the knock on effect in Iraq means more massacres against the Shia by ISIS and the enslavement and cleansing of Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis.

Equally galling, so-called opposition forces supported by Gulf and NATO powers in the realm of politics have no power on the ground. In other words, the main force of opposition towards the government of Syria applies to ISIS, various al-Qaeda groups like al-Nusra and other sectarian terrorist groups. Despite this, elites in Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington still insist on the ousting of President Bashar al-Assad. This reality means that religious minority groups including the Alawites, Christians and the Druze face the sword of Takfiri Islam in Syria. After all, the only concern for Gulf and NATO powers is the ousting of the Syrian government. On top of this, ISIS began the destruction of Syrian civilization to a much greater extent since the phony US led bombing campaign against this barbaric Takfiri Islamist terrorist group.

Therefore, with so much chaos engulfing parts of the Middle East and North Africa based on Gulf and NATO intrigues, then it is essential that the Russian Federation focus on supporting central forces. Indeed, while Iraq, Libya and Syria are burning the same twin forces have now unleashed utter barbarity against the people of Yemen. This applies to the Saudi Arabia led bombing campaign against Shia Houthis and other forces in Yemen. In other words, the same destabilizing nations care zilch that past evil deeds are still killing on a daily basis in modern times in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria; therefore, it is the turn to unleash fresh massacres in Yemen aimed towards the Shia because wanton chaos and destruction is the modus operandi of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

If the Russian Federation fails in preserving the sovereignty of Syria by combining joint military attacks against various sectarian forces alongside the armed forces of Syria. Then the brutal deeds of Gulf and NATO powers will come back to haunt the Russian Federation and this applies to terrorists increasing their attacks in the Caucasus region and throughout Central Asia. In other words, if Syria becomes another Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, then new terrorist training grounds and covert policies will be aimed at the underbelly of the Russian Federation.

Overall, it is imperative that the government of Syria survives the brutal deeds of Gulf and NATO powers that switch on the terrorist and sectarian clock when it suits their respective geopolitical agendas. If the government collapses and no future continuity then one can only envisage yet another failed state. Equally galling, just like in Iraq various religious minorities in Syria will face utter annihilation and women will be forced into the shadows.


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