Sunni Islamists in Egypt butcher 235 Muslims in Mosque attack in the Sinai Region

Sunni Islamists in Egypt butcher 235 Muslims in Mosque attack in the Sinai Region

Boutros Hussein, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists in Egypt have butchered at least 235 Muslims in an attack on a mosque in the Northern Sinai region of this nation. This is following on from a brutal attack on a mosque in Northern Nigeria by Sunni Islamists. Hence, if Sunni Islamists can slaughter fellow Muslims at the drop of a hat, what hope for minorities like Buddhists and Hindus in Rakhine, or for the indigenous Coptic Christians of Egypt who face Islamist attacks and institutional discrimination?

It is known that the attack by Sunni Islamists was well planned and this in itself points to the failure of security services. One moment Muslims were worshipping Allah inside a mosque and the next minute a bomb went off. However, this wasn’t the end of the brutal Sunni Islamist attack because terrorists also killed fleeing worshippers with weapons while praising Allah for yet another barbaric attack.

The BBC reports, Witnesses said dozens of gunmen arrived in off-road vehicles and bombed the packed mosque before opening fire on worshippers as they tried to flee.”

Attacks in the Sinai region by Sunni Islamists are nothing new but normally terrorists focus on Christians and the security services. In saying this, some reports state that the mosque attacked is known to be a place where Sufi Muslims worship. If so, then a sectarian angle isn’t surprising – nor, like Boko Haram in Nigeria, is butchering fellow Sunni Muslims deemed to be apostates.

Reuters says, “Arabiya news channel and some local sources said some of the worshippers were Sufis who hardliners such as Islamic State regard as apostates because they revere saints and shrines, which for Islamists is tantamount to idolatry.”

Overall, it is pointless for Egypt to concern itself with issues involving Gaza unless aimed at stemming terrorist ratlines entering the country, the spat between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the crisis in Yemen. Instead, sectarian attacks against Coptic Christians, the latest well-planned attack against Muslim worshippers that is known to have killed at least 235 people, and the ensuing crisis in parts of the Sinai region all need addressing.

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