The US humiliates Germany by dictating its energy policy: Japan understands

The US humiliates Germany by dictating its energy policy: Japan understands

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United States under President Joe Biden is once more confirming how this nation views other nations. Hence, astonishingly, Biden said that Nord Stream 2 – a pivotal gas pipeline for Germany – will have “no chance” if the Russian Federation enters Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany should be treated with respect. Instead, similar to how President Donald Trump brashly treated the former leader Angela Merkel, Biden decided to dictate the energy policy of Germany. Therefore, the Biden administration brazenly ignores the national sovereignty of Germany – similar to America under Trump and Biden – barely consulting with Japan over North Korea and the recent debacle in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration seeks to spread further international discord – just like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama went to war. Hence, knowing that Germany seeks to strengthen its energy supplies via Nord Stream 2 with the Russian Federation, Biden arrogantly dictated to the leader of Germany.

Biden said, “There will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it. I promise you we’ll be able to do that.” 

The late Shintaro Ishihara wrote an essay – with the co-authored Akio Morita – titled “The Japan that Can Say No.” Ishihara was the main individual who espoused his ideological thinking in this essay. Morita focused on more economic themes. To sum up the conclusions quickly, it refers to Japan taking a foreign policy and business stance that is independent.

After the bubble economy in the same period of this essay (1989), the same anti-China stance would soon be taken by America. This concerns the growing rise of China’s economic clout. Yesterday, American bashing was aimed at Japan in the economic arena. However, today, China is the new threat to America’s dominance. Therefore, China is being rebuked for its economic and geopolitical ambitions – while America (the supporter of right-wing death squads in the Americas to Agent Orange) utilizes human rights to bash China.

Sadly, the dream of Japan being able to “Say No!” to America is further away than ever. Indeed, nationalists within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan – despite having American bases throughout the country – are increasingly anti-China while doing America’s bidding. Hence, the sight of Biden telling Germany that America would close down the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was extremely galling.

Irrespective of tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine – and the future outcome between these two nations – it is Germany that must enact its own energy and foreign policies while considering allies. The Democrats in America whine about “outside political interference.” However, like Barack Obama gave his opinions on Brexit, the same Democrats under Biden seek to dictate to Germany.

Ironically, Democrats in America support “taking the knee” at home and some support “defunding the police” – despite high criminality. Internationally, America is viewed through the prism of over 900,000 Covid-19 deaths, high homicide rate, 100,000 overdose deaths in a 12 month period, increasing encroachment of homelessness, social inequality, and a nation that is more concerned about the borders of other nations rather than its own border. Therefore, the Democrats incite internally – race and gender identity politics – while confronting China and the Russian Federation to sow the seed of regional divisions.

The main destabilizing factor in Europe and Northeast Asia – in the realm of geopolitics – is America. Historically, the Democrats and Republicans supported right-wing death squads in countless nations throughout the Americas. In the Middle East, the United States supported wealthy monarchies – and destabilized several nations including Iraq, Libya (North Africa), and Syria. Also, in Asia, the United States dropped Agent Orange on Vietnam and regional nations that weren’t even involved in this war – while supporting the slaughter of vast numbers in Indonesia (from killing Communists to East Timor). However, with America growing weaker, its main focus is on China and the Russian Federation – while the Democrats incite internally to preserve power when it comes to race and gender issues.

It is extremely arrogant of Biden to speak so brazenly in front of the leader of Germany. Hence, the structures of a multipolar world are essential to stop the hegemony of any single nation – irrespective of whether that single power comes from the East or West.

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