Tokyo News: Tokyoites hit by Covid-19 related poverty visit consultations by trade unions

Tokyo News: Tokyoites hit by Covid-19 related poverty visit consultations by trade unions

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The National Confederation of Trade Unions is extremely concerned about growing poverty caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. This relates to people losing their jobs and others surviving on a reduced income.

Of course, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga continues with grand plans related to the environment, helping international nations suffering from the coronavirus fall out, increasing military spending, and so forth. Yet, for the marginalized people residing in Japan, many feel abandoned and unseen.

NPOs and labor unions are extremely worried because of the longevity of the coronavirus crisis. Indeed, in Tokyo, recent daily highs of new coronavirus infections are happening regularly. Therefore, the winter period – and the first few months of 2021 – looks bleak for many.

The consultation set by a labor union and NPOs happened in Hibiya Park. Ironically, this is in the vicinity of the business capital of Tokyo. Hence, the area is known for exclusive fashion in several central Tokyo districts along with the creme de la creme of Japanese and international companies.

Yet, the reality for many Tokyoites is a constant struggle because of temporary work contracts, reduced hours because of the coronavirus, exploitation of labor, part-time work, and the loss of work. Thus the figure of unemployment is a facade because it doesn’t highlight the real reality for many Tokyoites – nor for low-income pensioners who are struggling constantly.

Hundreds of people turned up seeking help and genuine voices who are concerned about their plight. Hence, the reach out was a way to show solidarity during a period of difficulty for many people who feel abandoned.


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