UK highly infectious Covid-19 variant leads to Europe issuing travel bans

UK highly infectious Covid-19 variant leads to Europe issuing travel bans

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in the United Kingdom is reaching a new stage because now this nation is blighted by a more-infectious variant. Thus internal restrictions are being imposed by the government. Likewise, several European nations are issuing flight bans on the United Kingdom.

It is known that the new variant is roughly 70 percent more infectious. Hence, this will put further strains on the health care system. At the moment, the official death toll in the United Kingdom is over 67,000. However, deaths with Covid-19 mentioned on death certificates is approximately 80,000.

Obviously, other European nations are extremely worried about the situation in the United Kingdom. After all, many nations are blighted by the same problem in Europe. Thus the nations of Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands have all issued travel bans. Therefore, with more nations likely to follow, the economic and logistic convulsions will follow because France also declared a halt to Channel freight.

In the last 24 hours, the United Kingdom declared another 35,928 daily new infections. This comes at a time of mounting deaths in recent months – just like the first wave that killed so many.

The BBC reports, “It is thought the variant either emerged in a patient in the UK or has been imported from a country with a lower ability to monitor coronavirus mutations.”

Concerning vaccines in fighting against the coronavirus, the fear is “vaccine escape. Professor David Robertson, the University of Glasgow, uttered, The virus will probably be able to generate vaccine escape mutants.”

Overall, the ravages of coronavirus in the United Kingdom – and countless other nations – looks set to continue well into 2021.


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