Trump and Putin in Positive Phone Call to Reset the Clock between America and Russia

Trump and Putin in Positive Phone Call to Reset the Clock between America and Russia

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump of America and President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation held an important phone call to break the ice. It is believed that despite enormous pressure being put on Trump from individuals in both main political camps in America, he still held firm to his convictions that both nations need to work closely together in important geopolitical areas. Of course, Putin reciprocated because political elites in Moscow seek a new chapter with Washington in order to erase the Cold War mentality of the Obama administration.

Hopefully, the phone call between Trump and Putin will pave the way for a future meeting between both leaders. After all, important issues in relation to the destabilization of Libya, Syria, and Yemen, under the Obama administration – along with the second destabilization of Iraq – means that it is imperative that America and the Russian Federation work more closely together. If not, then just like under the Obama administration, then ISIS (Islamic State – ISIS) will spread its Sunni Islamist hatred to new nations and divisions in Europe will increase.

Important issues consisting of NATO and Russian Federation relations, China and the South China Sea, Egypt, Iran nuclear program, Korean Peninsula, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, the scourge of Sunni Islamist terrorism, and other important issues, needs serious dialogue between the political elites of Moscow and Washington. Therefore, it is essential that anti-Russian Federation politicians in America don’t put Trump into a corner.

The Kremlin reported (Tass News), “Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump said in a “positive” phone call on Saturday they favored their two countries cooperating in Syria to defeat Islamic State, the Kremlin said in a statement.”

Tass news says, “U.S.-Russia relations had hit a post-Cold War low under Barack Obama and Trump has made clear he wants a rapprochement with Moscow if he can get along with Putin.”

Overall, the phone conversation was more than cordial between Trump and Putin and this bodes well. Indeed, the Cold War zealots in both main political parties in America are putting immense pressure on Trump but while the new leader is being contained to a certain extent, it still appears that he seeks favorable ties between America and the Russian Federation. Similarly, it is abundantly clear that Putin hopes to dampen the Cold War zealots by focusing on a strategic and geopolitical policy that is a win-win for both nations.

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