UAE helps Chad in Counterterrorism and Border Security

UAE helps Chad in Counterterrorism and Border Security

Noriko Watanabe and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Chad is located in a fragile region of Africa. This concerns sharing a border with the respective countries of Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, and Sudan.

Accordingly, the entire region is blighted by a mixture of Islamic terrorism, Christian and Muslim tensions (the Central African Republic and Nigeria), ethnic divisions, political tensions, vast numbers of refugees, poverty, criminality, and other problems.

Lee Jay Walker says, “The United Arab Emirates (UAE) opposes Islamic terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the spread of Takfiri ideology.”

Hence, the UAE sent military vehicles and other military-linked security equipment to support Chad in its fight against terrorism – and forces that utilize the vast borders of this country to sow discord.

The Defense Minister of Chad (Daoud Yaya Brahim) notified AFP, “This equipment allows us to strengthen our defense forces in the framework of the struggle against terrorism.”

The National News reports, “The initiative falls within the framework of the strong ties between the UAE and Chad at various levels, which have resulted in the signing of several bilateral agreements, including a military co-operation agreement in June during the official visit to Abu Dhabi of Mahamat Idriss Deby, chairman of Chad’s Transitional Military Council.”

Also, the UAE is helping Chad with the refugee crisis emanating from Sudan. This relates to ethnic massacres in Darfur. Accordingly, the UAE is helping refugees in Chad via humanitarian support, medical supplies, food, and other areas.

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