US war machine reaches $858 billion under Biden

US war machine reaches $858 billion under Biden

Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United States war machine will reach a record $858 billion next year under President Joe Biden. This is far from the slogan – that was supported by some members of the Democratic Party during the Republican presidency of Donald Trump – of “defund the police” during countless race and politically correct riots plugged by social media and mainstream media.

If America is taken out of many instigated wars since the post-World War Two period, the number of conflicts would be reduced dramatically. Hence, it isn’t rocket science to see why America involves itself from Vietnam and Agent Orange in the past to lying about weapons of mass destruction to go to war against Iraq – to funding Ukraine to the tune of tens of billions while encouraging Japan and others to get involved in a military arms race in Northeast Asia.

In other words, enemies are needed endlessly to justify the mega military budget of America. Yesterday it was the Soviet Union and communists from Nicaragua to Vietnam – then humanitarian wars were plugged along with the war on terror – and now it is China and the menace of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is in the interest of the $858 billion military sector to incite and create divisions to justify the enormous military budget of America.

The progressives in America support taking the knee, feminism, LGBT rights, pro-Trans, abortion on demand, and race-baiting. However, in reality, nothing changes concerning the military machine.

The Barack Obama administration bombed Libya and destabilized several nations in the Middle East (West Asia). Under Biden, America is flooding Ukraine with tens of billions in military arms to kill Russians and is acting more aggressively against China.

Deutsche Welle reports, “The United States currently spends more on defense than twice as much as the other 29 members of the NATO military alliance combined. Germany passed a defense budget of €50.4 billion as well as a €100 billion special fund to modernize its military.”

The one thing that binds the majority of politicians in both parties is war and defense spending. Hence, only a handful of individuals in the Senate opposed authorizing the enormous $858 billion military budget planned for next year concerning moral grounds.

Only eleven senators bravely opposed the huge military budget. Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said the military budget is “many billions more than Congress has invested in addressing many of the biggest security concerns facing the American people — such as climate change, the opioid epidemic, poverty, hunger, and disease… Instead, it doubles down on the failed approach of pouring money into a bloated, inefficient, and sometimes counterproductive national security machine underwritten by an army of lobbyists and gold-plated contractors that fails to deliver on the needs of the American people.”

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