Japan Earthquake Deaths Reach 126: Death Toll to Increase

Japan Earthquake Deaths Reach 126: Death Toll to Increase

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

Deaths from the 7.6 earthquake that hit central Japan have now reached 126 – with the death toll expected to keep on rising. On top of this, approximately two hundred people in Ishikawa prefecture remain unaccounted for.

The Noto region is continuing to feel aftershocks. Hence, for communities hit hard, the frailty of life from natural disasters is vivid.

Approximately 5,400 members of the armed forces are now helping in search and rescue missions. This is a sharp increase from the initial 1,000 sent to support the people of Ishikawa shortly after the earthquake struck. 

The BBC reports, “Many people are thought to be trapped under their collapsed homes – mostly in the towns of Suzu and Wajima. The wooden structures were not built to withstand powerful earthquakes that frequently plague the country.”

The majority of deaths have happened in Wajima (69) and Suzu (38).

The Independent reports, “According to a report from the Japanese government last year, there has been a consistent rise in the frequency of earthquakes in the Noto peninsula region since 2018.”

Astonishingly, some people are still stranded in parts of Suzu and Wajima.

The Mayor of Suzu (Masuhiro Izumiya) said, “The damage is catastrophic. Many of the 6,000 homes in the city have been almost or totally destroyed. The roads have been cut off, so it’s difficult to deliver relief supplies.”

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