Russia Reaches Out to Africa: Putin and Multipolar World

Russian Federation Reaches Out to Africa: Putin and Multipolar World

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation is faced with endless economic sanctions from the European Union (EU), G7, and allies of America. This concerns the conflict between Ukraine, the indigenous Russians of the Donbass region, and the Russian Federation.

Naturally, most of the NATO nations have endorsed the EU and G7 line against the Russian Federation – although voices in Hungary and Turkey have taken a different approach. Accordingly, President Vladimir Putin is focused on the Global South and strengthening ties with Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and others.

Putin said: “Russia and African countries are now jointly calling for the formation of a just multipolar world order based on the principles of sovereign equality of countries, non-interference in their internal affairs, respect for the right of peoples to determine their own fate…”

Putin continued, the Russian Federation will support African nations “… in the fight against terrorism and extremism, against pandemics and famine… and information security.”

The Guardian reports, “Speaking on the first day of a Russia-Africa summit in St Petersburg, the Russian president claimed his country would be able to replace Ukrainian grain exports blocked by Moscow’s decision to abandon the UN-brokered arrangement which had allowed the export of grain and other products from Ukraine through the Black Sea to markets, many of them in Africa.”

About the above, Putin said: “In the coming months, we will be ready to provide Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, the Central African Republic, and Eritrea with 25,000-50,000 tonnes of grain free of charge.”

TASS reports, “Russia is ready to supply free grain to a number of particularly needy African countries in the coming months and can act as a replacement to Ukraine in delivering food to Africa in general, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum.”

Putin said: “A paradoxical picture is emerging: on the one hand, Western countries are obstructing the supply of our grain and fertilizers, and on the other hand, I will say it directly, they are hypocritically blaming us for the current crisis situation in the global food market.”

Nations including Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and countless other non-EU and G7 nations seek a multipolar world and not endless diktats.

Accordingly, the Russian Federation seeks to increase ties outside the power control mechanisms of the EU and G7.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Irrespective of the anti-Russian Federation media narrative in Western Europe and North America, it is clear that despite all the arm-twisting of the EU and G7 – many nations are open to the challenges faced by the Russian Federation.”

The BBC reports, “For Western foreign ministries fretting about the Kremlin’s declared ambition to expand its political, military and economic footprint south of the Sahara, the gathering is an indicator of how far Russia’s influence could now extend and where it will meet a friendly welcome.”

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